Friday, March 27, 2015

Observearts - "The Elysian"

Take a look at the NRK movie about Bjørn Ransve. (Norwegian language only - lot of artworks). 
Or take a closer look at “The Elysian” and artist Craig La Rotondas reflection on the motive.

"The Elysian":  this painting was created last summer for a show in New Orleans.  I have a series of primate paintings and this is an ongoing part of that series.  The figure pictured is a bonobo ape and a beautiful creature.  They have captured my imagination recently as very peaceful primates unlike their cousins the chimpanzees.  I was thinking about a Utopian world where this bonobo would live- Elysium.  He is a shaman of sorts. The design illustrated above his head functions as both a halo and a mysterious mathematical diagram.  His hypnotic gaze lures you into his world. It is now owned by a NY collector".

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