Sunday, November 13, 2016

Jorn + Munch = Nordic power

This exhibition let me see Asgeir Jorn compared to Munch, but perhaps more importantly Jorn and Munch in relation to the Nordic expression. The framing, Jorn + Munch is too narrow. It quite naturally open up an even wider perspective with references running everywhere, even to the work of Frances Bacon. Without the making use of the traditional, intellectual instruments Jorns paintings contains both symbolism and the intuitive message. 

 A Jorn: "Double face" 1990. Detail

A Jorn: "The silent myth, Opus 7", 1952 detail

A Jorn: "The situation of a central figure", 1966 - 68, detail

In "The situation of a central figure" I see a Nordic "troll" version of Bacon's "The pope". Stronger, more vulnerable and even more brutal in its appearance. ! 

E Munch "Man in the cabbage field", 1916, detail

I even feel the strong presence of  Nikolai Astrup in many of Jorns pictures. Together with Munchs authoritative strenght this become a show of Nordic power.  
This is a “must see”

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