Thursday, September 24, 2015

Observingarts: Fiona Tan at The Museum of Contemporary Art, opening on 25th of September, Oslo

Fiona Tan, "Vox Populi Tokyo", (2007)

The touring exhibition “Fiona Tan. Geography of Time” was initiated by the National Museum. It will be shown first at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo from 25 September 2015 to 31 January 2016, before going on to Mudam Luxembourg in spring 2016, the MMK Museum für moderne Kunst in Frankfurt am Main, and finally the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. 

Fiona Tan expresses herself in a richly visual language at the intersection between the documentary and literary genres. This exhibition explores fundamental questions about the nature of identity and how individuals live with the past and memories in everyday life. Tan’s recently completed projects Diptych (2006–2011) and Vox Populi (2004–2012) feature as key works in the exhibition.
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"After seeing the exhibition Karl Ove Knausgård comes to mind. Intrusion of privacy, limits of intimacy becomes an issue as Finoa Tan explores identities, memories, time and place". Kristian Folkman, Observingsarts

Fiona Tan, Vox Populi, 2007 

Courtesy the artist and Frith Street Gallery, London.© All rights reserved

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