Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Observingart: Das Ding an Dich.

Das Ding an mich.  Does exposure of art for an audience improve art in general? How well does expensive art perform without a well curated context? How does expensive art in exclusive, monumental museums contribute positively to our perception of art in general? Or just limit our focus to some iconic works? Is the importance of context a problem – or does it benefit the general perception and consumption of art? Should love still be in the eye of the beholder, or do we need professional googles to enjoy art? The passion is not in one piece embedded in an institution. It is even more in the variation of the object and how it is expressed and given exposure: at a wall, in a video, on the web - or simply right in front of me. What is lost when art and how it is wrapped up becomes one object? 
Art is - for me - “das Ding an Sich” and definitively still “das Ding an Mich”.    

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