Sunday, November 8, 2015

Observingarts: Digital weavery by Kari Dyrdal at Bomuldsfabrikken kunsthall, Arendal

Detail from digital weavery by Kari Dyrdal at 
Bomuldsfabrikken kunsthall, Arendal.

"Foam/skum" 282,5 x 319 cm 2015. 
Digital weavery 
by Kari Dyrdal 
at Bomuldsfabrikken kunsthall, Arendal.

Oh, bliss! What a treat!

This exhibition at Bomuldsfabrikken is a must see: large tableaus of digitally made images transferred onto weavery. The theme is "water marks" and we are introduced to different aspect of water marks and motives on textile. Dry and juicy! Clear on soft! Shiny on absorbent! Bringing the idea of water closer and more relevant by the use of textile as a medium of transfer, as a part of the message itself.  
Water is successfully transmitted by use of digital technology. It is as if the motives via the process become double present in the media and format, keeping its dynamic and fresh appearance on the textile. How well the importance and actuality of fresh water on the planet is transferred carefully via textiles!   

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