Thursday, November 5, 2015

Observingarts: something quite different - exploring football through art

PIGSKIN focuses on the recorded imagery of the culture that surrounds the NFL. This does not necessarily include athletic portraiture or motion photography while athletes perform, but an art that revolves more along the sport that consumes America. Football has, arguably, the most 'larger than life' characteristics in comparison to other sports. The rivalry translates into deep love and pure hatred between teams, cities, and states. Whether it’s the logo, the mascots, or the rush of the game, the emotion that lies within each fan is immeasurable. The importance of winning, dedicating entire Sundays to a game, and the fights that arise contribute to a cultural collision of art and sports.
32 artists were given the opportunity to create an art piece that best represents their team of choice. This exhibition, no matter what the artistic outcome is, it may run the risk of having pieces that are obscure and even risqué.  But one thing is for sure, Pigskin will be all about football, and simultaneously, nothing about football.

Preview of the NFL-themed art show “Pigskin” at the Stay Gallery. By Daniel Barron
Sean Norvet
More about exhibit.

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