Friday, December 4, 2015

Observingarts: hard sell at KODE

The first sensation! up the stairs and in the door - overwhelming. Floor neatly stacked with something resembeling wrapped up bodies under the picture of a crusified artist. this evokes strong feelings and allows for reflection. are these bodies or merely objects, why under a crusifix, on the floor? or is it all to obvious: is it something else?  with sharpened senses i enter the adjoining rooms. 

as i progress, i find my self surprisingly detatched from the artists. it becomes Too much for a missing audience! Moral has both an anger and a message worth attention. The problem is the audience. They are not present. We all become hostages of a conflicts, supressions and confrontations we really do not feel connected to. or is the show for “believers”? past the opening piece,  Volume does not allow for reflection, just sensation. this exhibition should be mandatory in supressing regimes or for their representatives. Turn up the volume!

The sad truth is that As a regular visitor, morales message hardly manage to engage me – no mather how loud she cries. Guiding does not take away this basic problem: this does not reach its audience. for me, the vagina room tops it all. i resign with bleading ears and soare eyes. i have no moral objections, just a feeling of sensational overload x 10. and, I can not get rid of a sneaking feeling of having been taken hostage. hostage for an audience who need to see this, audiences in places where the show will never be on display.   in the noice, it all becomes distant and feels irrelevant. i'm really sorry! morales voice is obviously important, by using communication at level "pain" she is loosing my involvement. That is painfull - in a different way. I'm obviously not one of her audience!  

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