Friday, January 22, 2016

Observingarts: Marco Evaristti / LANDSCAPES & CITYSCAPES / 29.01.16 at Galleri Christoffer Egelund

Image: Marco Evaristti
Image: "The Randul Thermal Project" by Marco Evaristti, 2015

Last year, in April 2015, Evaristti completed the fifth project in his comprehensive land scape painting projects, 
when painting an Icelandic geysir red using fruit colour. In 2013 the ”canvas” was a frozen waterfall in Norway. 
Hanging in a rope from the top edge of the waterfall, Evaristti succeeded in painting it piece by piece, 
a small container with the colour on his back and a simple, manual pump system that he used 
while working his way the 70 meters down the fall. The painting of landscapes, using the landscape 
itself as canvas, took its beginning in 2004 in Greenland. Evaristti, in minus 23 degrees, mounted 
a drifting iceberg and workedfor four hours with a fire extinguisher hose as his brush, 
until the entire iceberg was covered in red fruit colour. He then declared ”This Iceberg is mine”, and left it again. 
The second and third project took place on the summit of Mont Blanc in 2007 and in the Sahara in 2008.

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