Sunday, June 7, 2015

Keep an eye on Sverre Koren Bjertnæs in 2015!

I personally had the pleasure of bringing 5 small paintings by Norwegian artist Sverre Koren Bjertnæs to a gallery in Sausolito/ San Francisco. That was way back in 2002, and Bjærtnes was on the verge of his success as a fine painter and artist. He is disputably an interesting artist and a man to look for in 2015 according to Artnet.

He first established himself as a figurative painter and drawer. More recently, he has taken up sculptural figuration as part of his practice. Both his 2D and 3D work play off of traditional ideas of portraiture and sculpture. He uses color, irony, and expressionistic constructional gestures to lend character to his work”.

Sverre Bjertnes / Bjarne Melgaard at White Columns, New York
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Or visit Bjertnæs at Brandstrup here:

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