Friday, October 14, 2016

Bjørn Ransve at Oslo Kunsthandel ending 06.11.2016

 Farge i farge I, 1990. Litografi 110,5 x 82,1 cm

 Form i form, rød 2011. Litografi 69,9 x 8289,2 cm

Making space for wondering!

Bjørn Ransve creates a space for wondering with his latest exhibition at Oslo Kunsthandel. The title of the exhibit, "Reduction and complexity", does not really serve artist or art proper justice. These prints silently confront and engage you. The artist's intention evokes reflection, opens new room for wondering. The expression is minimalistic and technically it is reduced down to the core. This opens up for creative interpretations. Perhaps one should not say too much about what happens facing Ransves nonfigurative and meditative prints. It is an intellectual and demanding encounter, and it is very much about color. Ransves mastery is as much in his use of coulours as part of the composition as his modern, abstraction. I'm left with no answer, but many good questions. And so grows the exhibition as one moves from image to image. Maybe it could have been curated a little better, but the white walls exposes pictures as exclamations. They require of everyone and everything: both wall and viewer. Bjørn Ransve never lets you in peace once he has reached your imagionation with his silent questions and wondering. He will haunt my perception for the comming days - if not forever. 
 I think it's fair to call him "artist of artists”.

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