Friday, September 25, 2015

Observingarts: Extensive Jakob Weidemann exhibition at Stenersen Museum in Oslo - starting 17th of September

Jakob Weidemann. Rolf E. Stenersens samling, Munchmuseet © Jakob Weidemann / BONO 2015

Stenersemuseet exhibits "Weidemann - In the meldingpot",open to the public from September 17th.

 Jakob Weidemann is a key artist in Rolf E. Stenersen collection at the Stenersen Museum. Through this exhibition we want to show our own extensive collection of Weidemann works expanded by private and public collections.

Firstly, we want to devote extra attention to the period between 1942 and 1961, regarded by many as his most daring, experimental and complex production. Secondly, it is reasonable to argue that Weidemann was one of the artists Stenersen gathered in larger numbers, in line with artist like Ludvig Karsten, Olav Stromme, Rolf Nesch and Erik Harry Johannessen, and of course Edvard Munch.

Exhibition will be the last displayed on the premises in Vika. During the autumn the museum will present a new four-year art project in Oslo. More at:

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