Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Observingarts: Dag Thoresen, new paintings at Gallery Haaken 18. February 2016

Dag Thoresen, 2015
110 x 160 cm

Gallery Haaken exhibits Dag Thoresen at their Tjuvholmen gallery in Oslo.

The color has always been the most important in Dag Thoresen paintings. 
Also the pace has in recent years gained a much greater 
significance in the manufacturing process. 

Dag Thoresen: 
Childhood, stars, 2016, 
135 x 190 cm

The current exhibition holds all of Thoresens coloristic daring, imaginative, abstract landscapes 
painted with a large pace or alla prima. Transitions, corrections and improvements are still 
part of the painterly expression, but in images we can sense an even stronger and more direct 
connection with nature's pulse than previously. 

Dag Thoresen:
Summer, for Robert H., 2015, 
100 x 170 cm

Thoresen has found a key point: " to pry into nature as closely as possible." 

The exhibition includes 10 paintings.

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