Thursday, May 19, 2016


Søren Lose, Gothic deconstruction #1 (Köln), 2016
Ink-jet print, coffee, beeswax, collage, framed by the artist, 191 x 120 cm, unique 

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© Thron Ullberg, Barbro Osher, 2016.

Aidan, Love
white statuary marble, 
210x155x42, 2015

Wailing Wall
May 27- July 1, 2016

Wetterling Gallery is proud to present the exhibition Wailing Wall by Aidan Salakhova 
including drawings and new large scale marble sculptures.
Aidan, born in 1964, is an Azeri and Russian artist based in Moscow and Carrara. 
She works in sculpture, painting, drawing and video discussing questions about inherited ideas, 
in particular social concepts about women and their role in society. 
By using traditional artistic practice she identifies characteristic elements and reinterprets 
them to convey her individual, progressive vision. Aidan’s works can be found in many private and 
public collections including the State Treryakov Gallery, the Moscow Museum of Moderna Art, 
the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, Francois Pinault Foundation, Teutloff Museum and the Boghossian Foundation.

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Grear Patterson  - The other side of the valley, 
2016, 117x173 cm (parachute and sail)

Across 110th street
Nick Farhi & Grear Patterson

19 May - 25 June

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