Sunday, October 9, 2016


“Three visions of landscape” at Galleri A, Oslo. Ending 16th of October.

These paintings communicate solitude and perspective.
The three, male, artists: Christopher Rådlund, Jon Lindestad Bakken and Marius Moe share their observations of and about nature. Clean, beautiful, distant, solitude in toned down palette. Some motives under a looming sky, other night motives. Nature slumbering under ice, at the doorstep of winter and the coming frost or under a night light moon. Nature as we want it to be? 

Marius Moe, "November" 170 x 120 cm, oil on canvas 

Marius Moe, "November" 170 x 120 cm, oil on canvas , detail.

Jon L.Bakken "Mountain theme II" 50 x 40 cm. oil on canvas

Jon L.Bakken "Mountain theme VI" 70 x 70 cm. oil on canvas

Beautiful. But nature can not oppose culture in a painting.  It naturally becomes loaded representations. A creek running through a landscape that is both distant and near, panoramic and down to details: falling leaves, broken sticks a solitude straw. Eye lead to the horizon, attention kept on details. Or the cabin in the middle of the snow and ice cowered mountains. Small reminiscence of something else, breaking the monotony of unspoilt nature. Nature not untouched, nature going through change. Shifting light, coming frost or decay, a night light sky. What will happen in the next second, will the scene change or stay put?  What will bring about change? Natural beauty at first glance, but looking closer I sense the constructions of inner landscapes by a closer look. Inviting, yet remote. Clean and beauty, still about to change. Pictures that apart from their beauty keep my attentions and makes the exhibit worth wile a visit.  

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